Pharmacy mcqs with answers for Pharmacist, Assistant Pharmacist, PPSC, FPSC, DHA, NAPLEX, SPLE, PEBC etc. preparation. (Set 06)

Pharmacy mcqs with answers for Pharmacist, Assistant Pharmacist, PPSC, FPSC, DHA, NAPLEX, SPLE, PEBC etc. preparation. (Set 06)

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Q: 251

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario in which a patient is prescribed to take 50mEq of a compound for the management of a certain medical condition. If the molecular weight of this compound is 100 and the valence is 2, how much of this compound should be dispensed to the patient from a pharmacy?

  1. 100 mg
  2. 500 mg
  3. 2500 mg
  4. 5000 mg

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 252

A new drug is being tested for its effectiveness against a certain disease through a randomized controlled trial. It has been found that the disease complicates by 10% in the intervention group and by 30% in the controlled group. Calculated the relative risk reduction with this new drug?

  1. 33%
  2. 40%
  3. 67%
  4. 80%

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 253

Isomers that are neither the mirror images of each other and nor are superimposable are referred to as?

  1. enantiomers
  2. diastereomers
  3. stereoisomers
  4. chain isomers

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 254

If a compound has 2 chiral centers, how many optical isomers are possible for this particular compound?

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 255

In a randomized controlled trial conducted over a period of one year, a serious side effect is being observed with the conventional therapy for a certain disease in 1 percent of the study group while with a newly discovered drug only 0.5 percent of the group experience the same side effect. Calculate NNT (i.e the minimum number of patients that must be treated for a year with the novel drug so that at least one patient is benefited from the therapy)?

  1. 100
  2. 200
  3. 1000
  4. 2000

Correct Answer is 2

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Q: 256

A combination product of buprenorphine and naloxone is prescribed for the management of opioid misuse syndrome. How buprenorphine works in this combo to achieve the desired goal?

  1. kappa receptor weak antagonism
  2. mu receptor strong agonism
  3. kappa receptor strong agonism
  4. mu receptor partial agonism
  5. both 1 and 4

Correct Answer is 5

Q: 257

Winter-Tozer equation is used in patients of hypoalbuminemia for the dose adjustment of?


  1. halothane
  2. phenytoin
  3. phenobarbital
  4. doxorubicin

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 258

Figure out the WRONG statement from among the following?

  1. omeprazole is used in the treatment of indigestion
  2. the majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli
  3. oil of citronella is used as an insect repellent
  4. walking is an example of weight-bearing exercise
  5. pharmaceutical packaging materials do not require quality control tests

Correct Answer is 5

Q: 259

Medication that can contribute to urinary incontinence in a geriatric patient is?

  1. bumetanide
  2. verapamil
  3. lisinopril
  4. digoxin

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 260

Calculate the steady-state concentration of an intravenously administered drug if its rate of infusion is 800 mg every 8 hours and the rate of clearance is 8 liters per hour?

  1. 12.5 mg/L
  2. 125.5 mg/L
  3. 6.6 mg/L
  4. 225 mg/L

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 261

A 40-year-old diabetic woman is using glipizide as part of her antidiabetic therapy. Recently she has been diagnosed with urinary tract infection for which the doctor prescribed cotrimoxazole. As a pharmacist, is there anything to be concerned about the medications that she is going to take?

  1. no need to worry, the prescription is safe to administer
  2. cotrimoxazole can increase the hypoglycemic effect of glipizide
  3. glipizide reduces the therapeutic efficacy of cotrimoxazole
  4. just switch glipizide to glimepiride, rest is all right
  5. cotrimoxazole is contraindicated in diabetic patients

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 262

Clopidogrel should not be given along with one of the following proton pump inhibitors as there is an interaction between the two which renders the clopidogrel ineffective?

  1. omeprazole
  2. rabeprazole
  3. lansoprazole
  4. pantoprazole
  5. all PPIs are contraindicated with clopidogrel

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 263

Hyperkalemia can put a patient at the risk for?

  1. muscles wasting
  2. hemolysis
  3. thromboembolism
  4. cardiac arrhythmias
  5. hypotension

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 264

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) class of anti-depressants should not be discontinued abruptly as they will cause the withdrawal syndrome. But there is one SSRI that is an exception to this rule. Identify which one?

  1. paroxetine
  2. citalopram
  3. fluoxetine
  4. escitalopram
  5. dapoxetine

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 265

Hyperventilation is a condition in which one is breathing very fast. This can lead to;

  1. no change in blood CO2 levels and pH
  2. rise in blood CO2 levels with lowering of pH
  3. rise in blood CO2 levels with an elevation of pH
  4. lowered blood CO2 levels with a drop in pH
  5. lowered blood CO2 levels with rising in pH

Correct Answer is 5

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Q: 266

The last resort antipsychotic (i.e. patients who fail to get useful results with other antipsychotics) is?

  1. risperidone
  2. clozapine
  3. olanzapine
  4. quetiapine
  5. haloperidol

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 267

The main toxicity of methanol is due to the formation of which toxic metabolite?

  1. oxalic acid
  2. formic acid
  3. lactic acid
  4. acetic acid
  5. trichloromathanol

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 268

A patient weighing 180 pounds is to be given IV infusion of a medicine for over 6 hours. The target plasma concentration is 16 mg/dL. Knowing the half-life of this medicine to be 4 hours and the apparent volume of distribution to be 6 liters, the rate of infusion for this patient will be?

  1. 166.32 mg/hr
  2. 96.4 mg/hr
  3. 364.8 mg/hr
  4. 238.92 mg/hr

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 269

To a Parkinson’s disease patient one of the following medications is not recommended as it can worsen the disease status?

  1. benztropine
  2. olanzapine
  3. magnesium supplements
  4. MAO inhibitors
  5. galantamine

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 270

Dopamine exerts dose-dependent effects. At 2 micrograms, it will produce the effect of?

  1. diuresis
  2. positive inotropic effect
  3. vasoconstriction
  4. all of the above

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 271

The oxidation of secondary alcohols yields?

  1. amine
  2. ketone
  3. aldehyde
  4. amide

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 272

The statement that is NOT correct about the pathophysiological condition of ‘hyperthyroidism’ is?

  1. fatigue, irregular heartbeat, and weight loss are some of its symptoms
  2. TSH blood levels below normal affirms its diagnosis
  3. radioactive iodine-131 effectively treats this condition
  4. antithyroid propylthiouracil is safe in the first trimester of pregnancy
  5. it is more common in men than in women

Correct Answer is 5

Q: 273

All of the following are cytochrome P450 enzyme inhibitors except one?

  1. ketoconazole
  2. smoking
  3. verapamil
  4. grapefruit juice
  5. ciprofloxacin

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 274

In an RNA strand, if the base sequence is UGC, what will be the complementary pair for this base sequence?

  1. CGU
  2. GUT
  3. ACG
  4. TCG
  5. TAU

Correct Answer is 3

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Q: 275

Buccal method of pharmaceuticals administration involves placing the medicament?

  1. under the tongue
  2. over the tongue
  3. between gums and cheek
  4. in the mouth in general
  5. in the throat

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 276

40 grams of a drug is added into 30 ml of a solvent. The density of the solvent is 1.5. What will be the concentration of the drug in the final product?

  1. 27 %
  2. 37 %
  3. 47 %
  4. 57 %

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 277

The endocrine gland that regulates the blood calcium levels is?

  1. pituitary gland
  2. thyroid gland
  3. parathyroid gland
  4. adrenal gland

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 278

A patient comes to the pharmacy with a complaint of acne to which you as a pharmacist suggest adapalene 0.1%. What will be the most appropriate information to be given to the patient regarding the use of this product?

  1. use the product every other day because of its irritating properties
  2. avoid contact with hair as it can promote hair-fall
  3. avoid contact with clothes because of its staining properties
  4. avoid exposure to sunlight or use sunscreen if used in the daytime
  5. apply only to the acne spots and not on the entire face

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 279

Any compound containing one of the following organic groups will make that compound more lipophilic in nature?

  1. O
  2. SH
  3. COOH
  4. R-H
  5. NH

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 280

How many grams of sodium chloride are there in 30 millimoles of NaCl, given the molecular weight of NaCl as 58.5?

  1. 0.75
  2. 1.1
  3. 2.5
  4. 1.755

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 281

The phenomenon of weight gain can occur due to;

  1. increased appetite
  2. fluid retention
  3. slowed metabolism
  4. increased fat storage
  5. any of the above

Correct Answer is 5

Q: 282

The statement that is incorrect about ethanol is?

  1. it is a primary alcohol
  2. it is a secondary alcohol
  3. acetaldehyde is its toxic metabolite
  4. it is also known as grain alcohol
  5. chronic ethanol consumption induces cytochrome P2E1

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 283

The reaction between any alcohol and carboxylic acid will give rise to?

  1. amine
  2. amide
  3. ester
  4. ketone

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 284

The medical term ‘hypercapnia’ means?

  1. rapid breathing
  2. elevated blood CO2 levels
  3. increased serum calcium levels
  4. increasing difficulty in breathing
  5. higher than normal blood pH

Correct Answer is 2

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Q: 285

If a pharmacist adds 500 ml of 10% glucose solution into a liter of distilled water. What will be the final concentration of glucose in the resulting solution?

  1. 3.33 %
  2. 5.55 %
  3. 6.66%
  4. 7.77 %

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 286

One US gallon is equivalent to how many milliliters?

  1. 2000
  2. 2875
  3. 3785
  4. 4546

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 287

Which vitamin(s) can be made by the human body?

  1. niacin
  2. vitamin D3
  3. vitamin C
  4. all of the above
  5. both 1 and 2

Correct Answer is 5

Q: 288

Chemically, the nucleus of beta-lactam antibiotics is?

  1. cyclic amine
  2. cyclic aldehyde
  3. cyclic amide
  4. cyclic ether
  5. cyclic ester

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 289

The body part that normally has the lowest of pH is?

  1. cerebrospinal fluid
  2. vagina
  3. semen
  4. pancreas
  5. urine

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 290

The saltiness of a compound is due to the presence of?

  1. amides
  2. alkaloids
  3. cations and anions
  4. OH- ions
  5. H+ ions

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 291

Opium contains?

  1. morphine
  2. codeine
  3. thebaine
  4. papaverine
  5. all of the above

Correct Answer is 5

Q: 292

Each of the below given oral antidiabetics is an insulin secretagogue except?

  1. rosiglitazone
  2. tolbutamide
  3. chlorpropamide
  4. d- repaglinide
  5. glimepiride

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 293

Which one among the following is the cause of the hallmark symptom of  ‘fruity odor breath’?

  1. acute alcohol consumption
  2. halothane toxicity
  3. diabetic ketoacidosis
  4. grapefruit juice interaction with a STATIN
  5. pancreatitis

Correct Answer is 3

Q: 294

St. John’s wort is used for the treatment of?

  1. absence seizures
  2. Alzheimer’s disease
  3. malaria
  4. mild to moderate depression
  5. bacterial infections of the abdomen

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 295

The type of emulsion produced with lecithin is?

  1. oil in water
  2. water in oil
  3. oil in water in oil
  4. water in oil in water

Correct Answer is 1

Q: 296

Local anesthetics produce their desired pharmacological effect by interfering with neuronal impulse conduction through?

  1. inhibiting efflux of potassium ions
  2. inhibiting influx of sodium ions
  3. stimulating chloride ions influx
  4. inhibition of sodium-potassium ATPase pump
  5. GABA receptor stimulation

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 297

The correct formula for the calculation of the friability test of tablets is?

  1. (W1−W2)×100
  2. (W1−W2)÷W1×100
  3. (W2−W1)÷W2×100
  4. W1÷W2×100

Correct Answer is 2

Q: 298

People that are older than 50 years have a decreased ability to absorb one of the following vitamins and therefore should be encouraged to supplement it in order for their bodies to have the required levels?

  1. thiamine
  2. pantothenic acid
  3. vitamin B9
  4. cobalamin
  5. ascorbic acid

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 299

How many oxygen molecules can be carried by a single molecule of hemoglobin?

  1. only one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four
  5. sixteen

Correct Answer is 4

Q: 300

As a side effect, constipation can occur with?

  1. anticholinergic drugs
  2. opioids
  3. oral iron
  4. bile acid sequestrants
  5. all of the above

Correct Answer is 5

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