clean shower commode chair

Use of clean shower commode chair for patients and senior citizen

What is clean shower commode chair?      

Clean Shower commode chairs are open seats with or without wheels that can be used in the shower and placed over a toilet. This chair comes in a variety of shower commodes and accessories to fulfil the demands of the user.

The Clean Height Adaptable Shower Commode Chair is completely adjustable to fit over any toilet. Adjustment is very easy and simple even no tool is required for its adjustment. To limit the possibility of corrosion, no welding seams or holes were used in the construction. For both users and carers (caregiver) it is secure, safe, and uncomplicated.

clean shower commode chair

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Clean shower commode chair an innovation of the time:

Clean was introduced in 1999 as one of the first mobile shower commodes with a rear-opened seat.  This innovative product was a result of a close co-operation with rehab professionals as well as industrial designers.

After this time, clean shower commode become more modern for the comfort of users. Clean shower commode now available in market are more modern and comfortable according to users.

Clean shower commode chair for tomorrow’s challenges:

According to the United Nations, by 2050, 20% of the world’s population will be over 60 years old. Today, that figure is only 12%. As individuals get older, they will be more likely to be cared for at home, which have a significant impact on the need of bathroom aids in future.

Characteristics of Clean Shower Commode Chair:

Mobile shower commodes must be adaptable and versatile since they are used for transporting people to and from the sanitary room as well as over toilets and wash basins when people are taking showers. Clean has been designed with every aspect in mind, ensuring that users and carers enjoy a positive and safe toilet experience.

Clean shower commode chair is also a multi-purpose cart. It can be used both inside the bathroom as well as in daily life activities like sitting, taking pictures or taking a shower in the same cart. It promotes happiness, comfort and safety for users and also increase agility for carers.

clean shower commode chair

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Clean shower commode chair is an exceptionally hygienic Commode:

Clean shower commode chair is the only chair available in market with a one tube frame without any welding or exposed screw heads. This quality of clean shower commode is particularly sanitary and hygienic as they simplify cleaning and prevent corrosion.

Clean shower commode chair is easy to handle and use:

Clean shower commode chair maneuverability is one of its most notable characteristics. With a width of about 50 cm, it can easily fit through doorways and into small & narrow spaces. The longer push handle improves carers grip, making the chair incredibly easy to operate.

Because of its anatomical shape, the seat has rear opening feature for easy access & comfortable use. The longer push handle and rear opening makes it fit perfectly over wall-mounted toilets as well as floor-mounted models.

Ergonomic and comfortable footrest:

Footrest of clean shower commode chair is slightly curved to provide good foot comfort, which is additionally covered by the side supports to prevent any slippage. When not in use, the one-piece footrest may be simply packed under the seat.

Chair Fits Over the Variety of Toilet

Secure, safe and simple to use, Clean Shower Commode Chairs has an upright operating handle to allow the chair to fit in a variety of tight spaces, including over wall-mounted toilets. The chair is open at the back to facilitate access for toileting and hygiene purposes. Compact and easy to maneuver, the chair features a wide push handle and lockable swivel caster wheels.

How to use clean shower commode chair:

  • Let the patient sit on the cart and pushed into the bathroom You can wear it backwards with the toilet.
  • Lock all 4 wheels by pressing the orange button to hold the wheels.
  • The footrest is adjustable, just pull it out from under the chair. There will be separated by step
  • The armrest can be removed by pushing out the orange latch and pulling up the armrest.


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